We are the producer of PVC cabinets for Bathrooms and WC.  The use of PVC in the construction of special cabinets for bathroom and bathrooms is a new and innovative idea that has many advantages.

Its high resistance to moisture and water penetration, which greatly increases product life, it has very lightweight, another advantage of the cabins is its easy installation, and it is very safe against impact and scratches.

PVC cabinets are designed in accordance with the washbasins and Faucets that have been used, in addition to the beauty it has the harmony with other accessories (accessory), bathroom and wc.

PVC cabins of “Rostami Trading”

The main components of the cabins are PVC sheets. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the main products of the petrochemical industry and is the product of refining oil. Nowadays PVC is used in the building industry; because of its special features PVC has replaced traditional and old building materials. 

Some of these features include: high resistance to water and humid environments Particularly sanitary facilities and bathroom space, because water is recognized as one of the main causes of erosion, as well as high resistance to erosion, has significantly increased the life of PVC products. Other benefit is competitive prices compared to traditional materials such as wood.

Because of specific structure of PVC, any operation such as cutting, drilling, and twisting can be easily applied to it.   Compared with wood, it is resistant to insects such as deadly termites; it is insulated and resistant to chemical washing. The applications of PVC today are very diverse and the main uses of it can be found in the producing of bathroom and toilet cabinets.” Rostami Trading” productions include all the advantages mentioned. Our productions are made of the best types of PVC sheets and, despite the light weight, have a suitable thickness (16 mm) and a good resistance to displacements. Due to waterproof structure the possibility of bacterial growth and contamination is completely eliminated. One of the other major advantages of PVC and cabins is the ability to paint and color.

The produced cabins have high quality in coloring and three color layers. Two layers of primer color and a surface layer, the colors used in the outer layer are of the kind of “polyurethane” paint for PVC. Polyurethane paint has high resistance to sunlight and also detergent.

Sanitary ware used for these cabins are all manufactured by the “Chini Kord” company, one of the best domestic brands in the field of Sanitary ware production.The manufactured cabins are manufactured according to the type, design and dimensions of washing basin. The cabin design is in a way that has a strong foundation to handle the weight of the basin.

For assembly in addition to PVC sheets special fitting is needed. Some of them are the hinge, handle, base and, in some cases, pumper jacks. The “Rustami Trading” for producing cabins use the best quality fittings, and According to the buyer’s request it is possible to spacial fittings such as steel.